Clinical Essentials Immune

Protocol in a Bottle

This new product by Terry Naturally may be the perfect immune-strengthening complex you’ve been looking for.

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Optimal Support from Premium Nutrients

Clinical Essentials Immune delivers meaningful levels of vitamins and minerals in preferred forms for incredible support and strength.

  • Vitamin A (2500IU / 83% DV) – in retinol form for a consistent level for immune system strength

  • Vitamin C (250mcg / 278% DV) – a critical component for a healthy immune function

  • Vitamin D3 (2500IU / 313% DV) – in the form your body already makes to support sufficient levels for robust immune function

  • Vitamin E (10mg / 67% DV) – a complete profile of Vitamin E tocopherols for its full immune-supporting potential

  • Selenium (60mcg / 109% DV) – clinically studied form resulted in high bioavailability to increase immunity

  • Zinc (15mg / 136% DV) – most absorbable form of zinc to support white blood cell activity, lung capacity, and is a required nutrient for the thymus gland, a critical organ of the immune system



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