MyBlueprint DNA Test by AOR

Caring for your health can be a challenge, especially when there are thousands of supplements to choose from, and countless diets claiming to offer ideal results.  Finding the best products to fit your needs can feel like a scavenger hunt, and while one product may work for a friend, it may not work for you.  The process of trial and error is time consuming and requires a lot of money.

That is why Nature’s Presence has welcomed the MyBlueprint DNA Test by AOR.  This extraordinary test identifies your unique genetic variants relating to diet, food sensitivities, specific nutrient needs, physical fitness, mental wellness, hormonal health, risk of obesity, and your ability to detox.  No report is the same because the finalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Report covers information based on your genetics only.

MyBlueprint secures a Privacy Pledge, promising to never share or sell your information.  DNA samples and data are guaranteed to be destroyed after 6 months.

Come into Nature’s Presence today to learn more about the AOR MyBlueprint DNA Test, so you can save time, money, and achieve optimal health.  The answers are written in your genes!

Oregon’s Wild Harvest

Introducing Oregon’s Wild Harvest: A family-owned and -operated herbal supplement company focused on holistic farming and growing pure, organic herbs in Central Oregon. For 25 years, owners Randy and Pam Buresh have dedicated their time to producing high quality herbs to ensure wellness and unification with humans and nature.

OWH takes a step above organic farming, as they firmly embrace the intuitive practices of Biodynamic farming to reestablish the bond between plants, animals, and humans. Biodynamic farming allows OWH to regenerate the earth to guarantee lively, healthy soil to create bioavailable plants for their tinctures and encapsulated herbs. In their on-site lab, every part of every plant is always tested for mold, yeast, and other bacterial/fungal contaminants to confirm customers are receiving the very best herbs with the highest purity and potency standards.

Come in and try some popular OWH Biodynamic Herbal Tonics today and get your hands on some of the purest herbal supplements around!

Summer Staff Picks: Judy Norman

If you come into Nature’s Presence on a Monday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you will be sure to hear the sweet voice of Judy Norman welcoming you into the store. Judy loves to help her customers find what they are looking for as well as suggest items that they need but may not be aware of. She has been a part of the Nature’s Presence family for 8 years and is always seeking learning opportunities to stay up to date with our new products and latest supplement discoveries. She is interested in utilizing the power of nature’s remedies as well as positive thought and prayer to assist in addressing issues of inflammation and disease. Judy spreads light and love everywhere and to everyone she encounters and truly cares about your health and wellbeing.

Some of her favorite items in the store include the following:

  • Terry Naturally CuraMed 750 mg (Treats Inflammation Naturally)
  • Terry Naturally Clinical Strength OPC (A Powerful Antioxidant)
  • Cell Power (Cellular Nourishment)
  • Apricot Power Apricot Kernels

Come in and say hi to Judy or ask her to tell you more about these wonderful products and how they may be able to help you!