Gluten Seminar – October 22, 2019


Join us as we take an in-depth look at Gluten!

Margaret Boswell, a Chinese Medicine specialist, will lead the discussion and answer many common questions about gluten.

  • Should I be avoiding gluten?

  • Where can gluten be found and how is it hidden in foods?

We will explore how gluten relates to leaky gut, celiac disease, and how you can get tested for these conditions. We will also touch on the changes in food overtime and why this may pose a problem for digestion.
Become informed and find a great supplement to help you digest gluten and repair the gut!

RSVP @ (830) 249-4603 by
Friday, October 18, 2019

WHEN: Tuesday, October 22, 2019 @ 12:00pm – 1:30pm
WHERE: Nature’s Presence – 807 N. Main Street, Boerne TX, 78006

Hope to see you there!

Crystal Star Remedies

Crystal Star : Herbal Medicine

Crystal Star produces products formulated from herbs that help with many types of problems including sleep, adrenal health, menopause, digestive issues and weight loss. Crystal Star was founded by Linda Page Ph.D. and has been an industry pioneer since 1978. All formulas are expertly formulated by Dr. Page, a Traditional Naturopath. Dr. Page received one of the first herbal patents in the United States for her formulas that help balance hormones to ease menopausal symptoms. Experts in the field concur she is America’s foremost expert on Western herbalism.

After declining health, weighing just 68 pounds, and suffering from a near death experience due to an undiagnosed, life threatening illness, Dr. Linda Page set out to heal herself.  Through extensive research she restored her health with herbal remedies. Following her healthy recovery and wish to share the information, Dr. Page went on to become a world-renowned herbalist with a Ph.D. in Traditional Naturopathy.

Crystal Star only uses whole herbs in their formulas. Most whole herbs, as edible plants, are as safe to take as foods. Only the whole herb can give the whole benefit!

The value is in the formula. A combination of whole herbs offers protective features that help balance out any adverse reaction from any one plant constituent. Whole herbs offer a rich variety of healing elements with little risk.