Summer Staff Picks: Traci Brown

Traci Brown is our resident Ketogenic Weight Coach and cashier extraordinaire here at Nature’s Presence. If you stop by on a Monday or Tuesday, you will find Traci happily assisting customers with questions or concerns regarding their weight and health. She is always smiling and ready to help. Whether it be helping you find the right supplement or lending an ear when you need to share with someone who cares, Traci goes above and beyond to make sure your experience in Nature’s Presence is a pleasant one.

From Wednesday to Friday, Traci helps her clients navigate the Keto world giving advice and sharing her own experiences in weight loss. Just recently, her office reached a milestone of combined weight loss of 369 pounds in just the span of 4 months!

Here are a few of her summer favorites to help get rid of weight and keep if off:

  • The Healthy Gut Protocol: Heal your gut with Sovereign Silver and George’s Aloe. (Bye-bye Leaky Gut!)
  • Irwin Naturals System Six (Energy, Fat Burning)
  • Irwin Naturals Triple Diet (Curb Cravings, Carb Blocker, Fat Reducer)
  • Swerve