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AOR My Blueprint DNA Booklet

After receiving your results from your My Blueprint DNA kit, Nature’s Presence staff is offering to bind your results into a complete booklet!  You will also receive one free product from Nature’s Presence that was recommended by AOR in your test results!

We’re happy to help you transform your results into a dedicated action plan.  Purchase your My Blueprint DNA Kit by AOR today at Nature’s Presence!


Pranarom Essential Oils

Purchase $50 or more of any Pranarom products and receive a FREE essential oil carrier! Pranarom offers pure and reliable essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, and wellness blends.
Learn more about Pranarom essential oils!
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Nature’s Presence is happy to be teaming up with Advanced Aesthetics: Lopez Plastic Surgery to provide Dr. Lopez patients with a Pre & Post Op Supplement Package! Our package is based off Dr. Lopez’s protocol for patients to prepare the body for operation and to maximize health for fast recovery.

Our bundle includes:

  • Vitamin K – 100mcg

  • Vitamin C – 1000mg

  • Rutin – 250mg (take two)

  • Folic Acid – 1000mcg

  • Arnica Montana – 30c

Bundle Values:
Dr. Lopez patients receive an additional 15% off regular bundle price when you buy in store!
Regular Bundle Price: $88.00
Dr. Lopez patient 15% discount: $74.00
If a bundle needs shipment, patients will receive a 10% discount: $80.00


Buy One, Get One

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Next time you come into Nature’s Presence, don’t forget to check out our BOGO (Buy One, Get One) shelf!  Every month, different products are included in our BOGO special.

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Twin Packs

Save 40% EVERYDAY with twin packs!

These convenient bundles are a great way to save money, while doubling up on quantity.  Our twin packs are available for Natural Factors products:

CoQ10  /  Vitamin D3  /  Vitamin E  /  Ubiquinol

All in a variety of doses and sizes